4K Photography comes from  4K video. It is the capture of still images from a 4K or higher video. What makes it viable is the high resolution of the video. A 4K video camera captures images at either 24, 30 or 60 pictures every second. Each image has enough detail in it that it can be printed as an 8 x 11 photograph. But, not all images from the video stream are suitable for printing. Some may be blurred. This is especially the case when the subject is moving and when the frame rate of the video camera is at 24 frames per second. As you may know, photographers rarely take a photo at 24th of second and this is why. It is not fast enough to freeze movement, but for video it is necessary because it is  part of a series of video frames needed to show movement. So, although 4K video can sometimes produce great still images, it is not guaranteed. PhotosVermont provides you with still images taken with stills cameras. We use one of the best, the Sony A7RII. If you decide to take our video option as well, and purchase raw footage, you may find some additional images in the video that you can use in addition to our still photosl. It can sometimes be amazing and a great choice!

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