In order to avoid these situations, you might consider hiring a video/photo team such as the one put together by PB Publishing. We are the producers of this site, PhotosVermont and also Video-Vermont. We do both the photography and the videography and our teams work together in a harmonious way. Each team member knows about the other’s needs because each has experience shooting both video and photos. In addition, when you hire our team you get the full advantage of 4k video shooting. That means additional still images from the video cameras. If you don’t believe it, view the pictures on this website. Many of them are still images extracted from 4k video.

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30 years experience in commercial and public broadcasting, including 15 years as a senior editor at CBC Toronto, 10 years experience as a freelance author, photographer and video producer. Listed in the "Index of Periodicals". Author in Toronto Life, Blair and Ketchum's Country Journal, Harrowsmith, and Canadian Geographic. Wedding Wire Awards for outstanding work.

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