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Photos Vermont: Fine Art and Wedding Photography

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About these Photos

Here is a series of galleries containing wedding, landscape and event photos of Vermont in Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. Photos Vermont photography provides a refreshing view of Vermont, not seen on postcards as well as wedding photos by an experienced photographer. Our new wedding videography section has just opened.

The photos were taken over the course of about five years and include an eclectic mix of Vermont landscape, weddingsand event photography. At the moment there are ten galleries, each devoted to a particular theme, such as weddings, downhill skiing, sunsets, events, and particular areas such as the Northeast Kingdom, Stowe, Woodstock, Quechee and Manchester.

This site is still in the making and I will be adding more content as time permits. All photos are for sale at a modest cost. You can buy a raw image, and image in Adobe DNG or PSD format, or a jpeg and have it emailed to you.



All photographs are high quality, high resolution images – BUT, the sample images that you see displayed in the galleries are not suitable for print and are copyright. The images have been greatly reduced in size and can only convey an approximation of the detail and color that exist in the original images.

If any of these photos interest you, they are available for sale as matted or un-matted prints in various sizes. Contact me for prices.

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2. After purchase, you will be emailed your image(s). Please allow 24 hours for delivery. Rest assured your order will be handled as quickly as possible.