Your wedding is one of the most important things in your life and you should have a decent record of it. Photography is important. You’ll always have your photos and if you have video that’s even better. PhotosVermont in conjunction with Video-Vermont can provide both, usually for a total price far lower than if you chose the two services separately. In addition, you will be purchasing the efforts of a team that work together harmoniously, each complementing the other for the best over all result.Don’t forget that with video you can hear speeches, vows, laughter and cries…something that photos cannot give you. So give us a call and let us work out a package deal for you. Tel: 802-895-4295

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30 years experience in commercial and public broadcasting, including 15 years as a senior editor at CBC Toronto, 10 years experience as a freelance author, photographer and video producer. Listed in the "Index of Periodicals". Author in Toronto Life, Blair and Ketchum's Country Journal, Harrowsmith, and Canadian Geographic. Wedding Wire Awards for outstanding work.

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