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Tim Palmer-Benson
Owner- PhotosVermont

PhotosVermon’t doesn’t just take pictures of people, we photograph their souls. Photography as well as videography is my and our passion. Every wedding we photograph and scene is unique. It is also exciting because the work is always challenging. We strive to pick out those small moments that will be remembered for years.

We offer a unique service for those who really appreciate our work, a photo-video package that is hard to beat.
Rest assured that when you hire me and my team, you are hiring professionals with the proper gear to do the job. And yes, we keep up with the times. I’m a FAA licensed drone pilot so you can get some stunning aerial shots in some of our packages. We use some of the best Sony cameras including the A7Rii.

Most of the images on this site are available for purchase as prints. Prints can come as small as 5″x7″ or as big as your imagination. Each finished print is signed and can be shipped to most anywhere in the world.

Each image is different, and as such cost per print varies. The final cost will depend on the materials used during the print process, but for a rough guideline, check out this list below:

  • Small prints (around 8″x10″) starting at $45.
  • Medium prints (around 16″x20″) starting at $95.
  • Large prints (around 24″x36″) starting at $160.
  • Click here to contact me and start the ordering process


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